Moving Servers - Web Site Status

I have most of my domains down. The reason it is taking so long is that I need to build themes for quite a few of the WordPress sites and that is probably an extended project. However, the other part of the slow down is that I'm switching all of the sites that I manage over to Subversion. That means I have to create the repository, create the folders, move the files over to the repository, add then commit, and finally check out the repository on the server. Finally, I have to build the deployment so that the site is automatically updated. Anyway, here is the list for my reference and to those that I host. The nice part is that I have a SSL certificate for and I'm going to have a second one for I plan on buying a few more for the other game sites. Right now, I have all of the domains and subdomains on a self-signed certificate. While that works for my repository sites and personal sites, it won't work with others who have trust issues. However, it is going to cost quite a deal to set the sites up with SSL certificates, so I'm going to rethink which sites are going to get it. I'm probably just going buy them after the game sites are finished and ready for prime time.

Absidon Games

  1. - done! (Have new theme to complete).
  2. svn - done!
  3. tracker - done!

I want to set up a site or use for managing who has access to what. So basically people would sign up to, which will create the trac username and which in turn will allow me to give them access to repositories. However, this plugin will come later after the rest of the sites are up.


  1. - done! (Have new theme to complete).
  2. dunlappaintball - done!
  3. wp-version - done!

    Need to work on repository some more to correct and refactor it to where it doesn't completely suck.

  4. wptests - done!

    Still need to set up the environment, but I think I'm going to do some changes before then. Still pretty nice to have the site back up.


  1. - done! (Have new theme to complete).
  2. gallery - done! (Have theme that needs modifications and need to upload pictures)
  3. - done! Redirect to
  4. - done! Redirect to

Mecha Asylum

  1. - pending. Going to undergo a complete rewrite before uploading again.
  2. tracker - done!

Battle Machines

  1. - In progress. High priority to get set up.
  2. tracker - done!

Heat of the Race

  1. - pending. Game probably will be up sometime next year.
  2. tracker - done!

Earth 3045

  1. - High Priority. Need to get up tomorrow or the weekend.
  2. tracker - done!

Farmer Sim Online

  1. - in progress. Will just redirect to
  2. tracker - in progress. Will just redirect to tracker
  3. - in progress. Will try to complete a basic site this year.
  4. tracker - done!

Simply Profile

Simple Profile is set up with WordPress Mu and BuddyPress. So it basically needs a new theme and people to sign up after the theme is made. The functionality isn't all there, so I'll probably need to switch to a SVN tag instead of working on trunk for the site before it goes live.