CorePress Repository on Google Code

The New-BSD WordPress Library I'm writing is now on Google Code, and I have a name for it, called CorePress. The name is tentative, because it matches too closely with the other -Presses, I want a new name for it, but that will probably come later. Right now the code name for it is CorePress. If I get enough completed to where I can release 0.5 version, then I'll think about changing the name again. I've been working pretty much about four hours a day on the library, unit tests, and documentation. I think the good news is that if I do the inline documentation correctly, then I can output the phpdoc docblocks in DocBook format and then edit the XML from there. The goal is to provide a detailed guide on how to use the library. I suppose I can also use the unit tests as examples as well, depending on how involved the examples are. I'll also need to write a working plugin and theme for the developer guide on how to use the library.

I don't suppose I'll be finished for another month or two. The DB portions are coming along nicely. However, they are hardly complete. That said, I don't suppose I'll have everything working in version 0.1. There will be a lot of missing pieces and a lot of patch work as I find what the best way to design the library is. I envision rewriting sections that were poorly thought out. I think it would be good. Something that couldn't be done with the official library shouldn't really hinder me with the development of the library. The reason is that, for one, the library is alpha, so nothing is tied down as of yet, and two, not that many people use it, well at this point, no one uses it, so I don't have to worry about an user base getting upset about API changes.

I have plans for each alpha version leading up to the stable release. This isn't an exact milestone per say and subject to change. I think I'm going to continue develop as much as possible until the end of this month. I may not release 0.1 (I will tag it when I get to that point), but not create a release. Creating a release to me is providing a PHP 5.2 version. The more classes and code I write the longer it will take for each release to backport the library to PHP 5.2.x. It will be good practice at this the end of this month to do so.

It is actually a lot of fun, because I get to play with PHP 5.3, which is still in alpha. I also get to do a lot of experimental classes and put together a fluid interface pattern library. I also get to look at the adapter pattern some more. I'm going to explore the controller pattern in the library, because there are already so many libraries which do that already.