I need to Learn D Programming Language

I originally looked at D a few years ago before the version 1 was released. Now I looked at it and version 2 is released and the features and standard library look kick ass! I think for my next project after Trac will be to settle down and learn D programming language and port my Minecraft Proxy written in Java to D. I'm interested in seeing how much faster it runs and how much lower the memory footprint is. I think it'd be fun to use the D programing language idioms in implementing the project. I think it would be interesting to use the concurrency module of the standard library and see if I can't allow some of the more difficult parts of the Java programming faster and more stable in D. Provided if I did it right in Java, then I probably wouldn't have so many headaches. I'm just curious if I could perhaps use the D standard library for pipe-lining the process for what could be cleaner code. I have to look and see if there is an opengl port to D. If not, then I'll just attempt to use the C libraries and hope I manage the memory, unless D manages that as well.

Should be fun and I really can't wait to get started on that in another 2 months. I am excited, because I've been meaning to learn C++ and C, Well, D is close enough in design to those languages that I'm hoping that creating solutions in C and C++ will be easier after working with D. My biggest weakness with C and C++ is memory management and really correctly using memory management that is handled by libraries and other third-party APIs. I think that if I can practice with D and C, that it'll be easier for when I'm going between C and C++.The differences are huge and it'd be better to simply code in C when working with C APIs and code. I'm not sure. I want to use D and see how it works.

I can't wait! Another reason to finish the Trac project, so I can get started. Of course, I'll probably still maintain my Java project until the D one gets off the ground and works. I don't know, I might start coding one weekend for grins and see how far I can get. If i can do the multithreading or socket polling and network code working for Minecraft in a day or two, then I think I can port the rest of the code in less than a week. The OpenGL code will be a little tricky, but since most of the code is one to one to the C API, I shouldn't have a lot of trouble. The Java API does a lot of the window and input handling and implementing that won't be that difficult, but will require testing and time.

Then I want to write a simple XMPP server.